Tarde de Mejillones

The second event of the weeklong Fesitval de las Conchas y Vino Nuevo (Festival of Shells and New Wine) was held on Tuesday April 18, 2017. This event was titled Tarde de Mejillones (Afternoon of Mussels) and was held at Bar Bura at Cuatro Cuatros. The event started at 4:00 PM and carried a ticket price of $250.00 pesos ($14.00 USD). 

In the past few years, the overlook bar at Cuatros Cuatros has become quite the tourist attraction. I was excited to participate in this event as it would allow me time with my industry friends outside of our normal valley meeting spots of wineries and restaurants. It was also an opportunity to enjoy the amazing view from Cuatro Cuatros without the traditional weekend crowd. 

Guest check-in was conducted at the base of the hill (where Cuatro Cuatros now charges for parking on their normal days of operation). Upon verification of your admission, guests were instructed to drive to the top of the hill for parking. Two shuttle busses were running to take guests from the parking area to the event venue. Similar to the event on Monday, guests were given a souvenir wine glass (etched with the Provino logo). Unlike the previous event, there were no limitations on the number of tastings or food samples you could obtain. Due to my overindulging the Saturday prior to these events, I kept my alcoholic consumption to a minimum. During my three hours at the event, I counted over sixty (60) different labels being served. It is truly wonderful to see so many wines represented regardless of their affiliation with Provino.

The Afternoon of Mussels event had a total of six (6) restaurants providing samples and small dishes for guests. Boules, Cuatro Cuatros, Da Toni, La Concheria, Muelle 3 and Pacifico were all providing dishes showcasing Mussels. To be honest, I am not a true fan of any shell fish other than shrimp but these events have opened my mind to the other wonderful edible sea life that is cultivated here in the Ensenada region. 

After a relaxing three hours of wine, food and conversation the majority of the crowd was able to take in the amazing sunset view. I have traveled a good portion of the world but I have never experienced any sunset as beautiful as the ones I have witnessed at Cuatro Cuatros. I encourage anyone visiting this area to make it a point to take it in at least once. You will not regret your decision and you will certainly have some Instagram worthy photographs to take home. 

My original plan was to attend two of the special dinners this week (Thursday and Saturday) but work commitments will now limit my participation to just two additional events. Later this week I will report on Friday's industry only Rompehielo (Icebreaker) event at Relieve Vinicola and the final, and largest, event Fesitval de las Conchas y Vino Nuevo on Sunday.

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