In an offer of full disclosure to our readers, I have great hesitation in writing this post. Although I want to share the fact that I had a wonderful evening at Trevista Vineyards, the truth is that I selfishly want to keep Trevista all to myself. I truly love Trevista Vineyards as well as the owners James Taylor and Hilda Pacheco-Taylor.

Despite my hesitation, I feel obliged to tell everyone about my most recent experience at Trevista. I am confident that that when 'my' little vineyard becomes known to the world, their amazing personalized wine tasting experience will not change as the owners are clearly committed to their craft. Trevista is one winery that has truly mastered the art of customer service.

I was first introduced to the lovely owners of Trevista in 2014 by their neighbor Reynaldo Rodriguez (proprietor of Quinta Monasterio). Sadly, my living in another state did not permit me the time to visit Trevista on a regular basis. In 2016 I was blessed with an opportunity to move to Valle de Guadalupe and to become a full-time resident of the area, Since my arrival in el Valle, Trevista has been my go-to wine oasis as it is sure to impress both friends and clients.

What makes this venue truly remarkable is their unique approach to wine tastings. Guests who are fortunate enough to acquire a space at one of their three (3) weekend tastings are gifted with six (6) varied tapas while enjoying several vintages/expressions of their Tempranillo and Cabernet wines. While I could write countless paragraphs about their tastings, I will keep my writing on this subject brief so as not to spoil the surprise for those who have yet to attend. 

During a tasting early this year, Hilda and I spoke about the possibility of doing a private dinner for Valle Wine Life. Looking at our respective schedules, we quickly agreed on a date and time. While Hilda was open to a collaboration or guidance on the menu, I advised her that the conception of this event would be left entirely to her discretion.

Small bites before the main event.

Small bites before the main event.

Our event was scheduled for April 1, 2017. Valle Wine Life guests were requested to arrive at Trevista at 4:30 PM. Our group received a warm reception by both James and Hilda who kindly poured each guest a glass of champagne. Our group spent the better part of an hour talking while enjoying an amazing selection of cold meats, artisan breads and cheeses, olives and of course, grapes, Once the final guest arrived, James provided us with a short tour of the Trevista vineyard as well as their wine cellar (cava). In the cava, Valle Wine Life guests were given an in depth description of the organic practices utilized in Trevista's wine making process.

Be our guest...

Be our guest...

James requested that we help him carry several bottles of wine to our dining table. Upon our arrival back at the house, we were seated at a long communal table just as the sun began to set. It was truly a beautiful sight to watch the day fade away while gazing at a well manicured vineyard. Always a gentlemen, James first served the ladies of our group with a glass of wine. Shortly after filling our titanium crystal wine glasses, Hilda presented our first dish of the evening.

rsz_img_1494 (1).jpg

Dinner service lasted for two hours and provided us with a wide variety of dishes to include Jurel Ceviche, Beet Gaspacho, Grilled Pear Salad, Salmon Penne, Flat Iron Steak and Sweet Corn Brulee. The dinner was an absolute hit with all in attendance. The flavors were bold and paired well with each of the house wines selected by James.

At the conclusion of the dinner, guests were given an after dinner cocktail and offered a cigar. By this time the fire pit was lit and its warmth and red/orange flame begged us to gather round. It was here that the Valle Wine Life group spent several more hours wrapped in blankets while discussing our lives outside of our current wine fantasy land.

Fire pit and vineyard as seen on our arrival at Trevista

Fire pit and vineyard as seen on our arrival at Trevista

As the night progressed, guests took their leave after emotional goodbyes. It never fails to amaze me how guests at Trevista find it extremely difficult to depart. This reaction is a clear testament to the unrivaled service provided to all who enter this happy place. Guests may enter as strangers but they depart as members of the Trevista family.

The Valle Wine Life team offers our sincere appreciation to our guests who joined us for this unique experience. We would also like to offer our gratitude to the entire Trevista team who helped make this dinner such a memorable time for all involved. I encourage readers of this blog post to contact Trevista and reserve your place for Valle de Guadalupe's ultimate wine tasting experience. Please follow them on Facebook and Instagram or email them at


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